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Fold Em Podcast #42: If You Gamble - Guidelines for Lowering the Risks and Harms of Gambling

I was recently invited to the Fold Em Podcast hosted by Adrienne Cossom and Gambling Support BC, check it out below!

Most of us gamble. In British Columbia, nearly 75% of adults gambled at least once in the past year. For some (about 3-4% of adults), it gets out of hand and causes problems.

If you gamble, how do you keep it in check? What limits should you set for yourself? How do you stick to these limits?

In this episode, we tell you about guidelines that have recently been developed in Canada to help you reduce the risk of experiencing harm from gambling.

Listen now to learn about:

guidelines for how much to spend, how often to play, and how to limit the types of gambling activities who have a higher risk of developing gambling problems tips for sticking to your gambling limits.

If you would like more information on the guidelines for low-risk gambling, see Adrienne and her guests in this YouTube video, read the blog for this episode at or visit

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If you live in British Columbia and would like to access free, confidential support and counselling for any gambling concerns visit

Fold em: Help for Gambling Problems is funded by Gambling Support BC.

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