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Fold Em Podcast #44: Thinking Straight About Gambling: Myths and Facts

I was recently invited to the Fold Em Podcast hosted by Adrienne Cossom and Gambling Support BC, check it out below!

Gambling is a popular activity. And, there are many opportunities to gamble, particularly since many of us can now buy lottery tickets and play slots or poker online. With more legalized access to sports betting in North America, there is a large industry encouraging us to give it a try.

But even though it’s a common activity, we’re behind the ball with sharing accurate information about gambling. When we gamble with inaccurate ideas or beliefs, there is a greater risk for getting into trouble with it.

In episode 44 of our podcast, Fold em: Help for Gambling Problems, we look at some common thinking traps we fall into when gambling and give you accurate information to help keep it in control.

Tune in to episode 44 to learn about:

  • how the random number generators in slot machines work

  • why gambling for long periods of time can work against you

  • why you might want to take a second look at your systems and superstitions about gambling

  • how you might be missing the signs of gambling addiction

If you would like more information on the guidelines for low-risk gambling, see Adrienne and her guests in this YouTube video, read the blog for this episode at or visit


Here is a 1-minute promo for you to check out!

If you live in British Columbia and would like to access free, confidential support and counselling for any gambling concerns visit

Fold em: Help for Gambling Problems is funded by Gambling Support BC.

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