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Problem Gambling: A Guide for Parents

The Problem Gambling Institute of Ontario released a 2015 research finding and guide for parents who have a gambling problem and other parents concerned about the effects of problem gambling on their children. It may also be beneficial for other family members, friends, and helping professionals who would like to better understand how children are affected by a parent’s gambling.

This guide has been developed to help you:

• Better understand problem gambling

• Better understand how gambling may affect your children

• Find ways to reduce the risks to your children

• Learn how counselling or other professional services can help you and your family

• Find resources that have helped other families.

Download PDF • 386KB

If you have problems with gambling, please see the booklet Problem Gambling: The Issues, The Options.

If someone close to you gambles too much, consult the booklet Problem Gambling: A Guide for Families.

If you are a helping professional, the booklet Problem Gambling: A Guide for Helping Professionals and the pamphlet Problem Gambling: Working with Parents may be invaluable.

Additionally, online self-help tools are available for those who gamble, as well as for families and friends. All of these are available without cost at

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