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Fold 'Em Podcast: Opening Up and Finding Your Voice

"Fold em offers straight talk about dealing with the fall-out from gambling. Whether you are looking at stopping or scaling back your own gambling or helping a family member with a problem, this podcast will help you take back control. Hear from gamblers who have been through it. Tips from counsellors. There is a way out from the hold gambling has on your life."

"In episode 28 of the podcast series, Fold em: Help for Gambling Problems, hear from an Indigenous man who turned his back on drinking and drug use only to find that gambling addiction showed up. He shares how he finally broke free of addiction - by facing his fears and trusting people enough to open up about his experiences of abuse and the impact on him of residential schools and colonization in Canada.

Tune in to hear Terry’s story and learn about the benefits of finding your voice and speaking up. Resources specifically for Indigenous people in recovery are listed at the bottom of this blog."

Please check out the rest of the Fold 'Em Podcast here, and feel free to check out further resources at Gambling Support BC.

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