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Something for every age group.





Cultural Awareness

All presentations and workshops are approached with cultural awareness and inclusion, taking into consideration the historical context of gambling and oral traditions.

Community presence is important, and presentations and education are free of charge.

  • 4 Directions and Gambling can be offered either in-person or online

  • Info Booth at community wellness days or health-fair activities

  • Post-secondary Indigenous gatherings

  • Training opportunity in Narrative Approaches

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in-school education

There are multiple learning opportunities and educational presentations for everyone from K-12, all the way up to post-secondary classes. Teachers find us to be an excellent resource for their learning objectives. Presentations are all free of charge. 

  • Puppet Story-telling for K - Gr. 4

  • Story Walk, engaging for children K to Gr. 4

  • i-minds, with different topics and lesson plans for every subject

  • Info booths at orientation days and back to school barbecues

  • Customized presentations for individual classes, with a focus on behavioural addictions and math

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Community Events and activities

There are plenty of workshops and presentations that can be specifically tailored to different demographics or age groups. All presentations and workshops are free of charge.

  • Online webinars

  • Parent group workshops

  • Senior and Elder specific workshops

  • Community engagement by attending and promoting Health and Wellness opportunities for children, youth, families, seniors, and all peoples

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Treatment groups

Presentations and workshops suitable for treatment centers, including all age groups and offered free of charge anywhere in the service area.

  • Customized presentations adjusted for different demographics and age groups, according to the needs of the organization.

Life Skills Coaching

There are multiple resources and coaching lessons for life skills development, for varying cost. Each lesson and workshop is individually tailored to the client, in oder to provide the most beneficial support towards skill development.

  • Communication and Problem Solving Skills appropriately, and responsibly used in the management of ones affairs.  Self, Family, Community, Work and Leisure Time.

  • Customized to fit youth, parent, employment, adult, college, and general population groups

  • 2 days to 3 months, part time or full time. 

Teacher Helping Student

To learn more about individual presentations, click here

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