Something for every age group.

Life Skills Services

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Gambling Education

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Presentations and Workshops:

  • Presentations

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  • Story Walks

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  • Narrative Training

  • Puppets

  • Know Dice

  • Amazing Chateau


Child and Youth




For thousands of years, games have been a part of culture throughout North America.  The meaning and purpose were to learn, to share, or to connect, and at times valuables were put up for prizes.


From Lillooet to Revelstoke, Lytton to Clearwater, there are at least 3 main tribal groups, represented by 15 different communities.  We strive to meet the needs of individual communities at Wellness Fairs, Community Presentations, Narrative Training, or in the schools and offices.  Our approach is neutral and educational.


Child and youth

We are a resource to Teachers and Community Organizations that work with Children. From Cultural Awareness Days, Story Walks, and Puppet stories of Skelep (Coyote) and Bear, and the  I-minds curriculum, we have something for every elementary grade that will meet the learning objectives in most subjects.  

More than any other age, youth are targeted by industry and are also the highest risk group for addictions.  Our school-based presentations and i-Minds curriculum are designed to be fun, and educational while meeting the Learning Objectives of their teachers, or needs of parents and caregivers.



Learning is a life long adventure, and most adults learn by doing.  Our presentations, workshops, and training to Parent, Allied Professional, Treatment, University, and general interest groups are age-appropriate and fit the needs of participants.  


Seniors and elders

Want to join a Seasoned Players Theater group?  Or maybe you want to test your skill with the trivia questions while dropping a chip into the Plinko Board?  Our Elders and Seniors have much to teach us yet, and love to be included in a meaningful way.