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Meet Roxanne

Independent Contractor, Life Skills Coach, Artist, and Facilitator

I am of Metis descent, French and Cree, originating from the Red River Valley.  My family moved to BC from Saskatchewan in 1967, and into the Interior in 1975.  I have been living and working on the lands of the Secwepmc people in Kamloops since 1997.

Originally my education was academics, leading to Forestry, and Silviculture, as well as Fine Arts.  Life changes led me to Human Service Work and Life Skills.  Living in the Cariboo region, and moving to Kamloops in 1997 to work at a local Indigenous Organization.  I continue to live, work, and learn in Kamloops.  For the last 16 years, I have been an independent contractor to the BC Responsible and Problem Gambling Program, serving the people of Kamloops and area.

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Using the 4 Directions as a teaching tool

I have used the Four Directions as a teaching tool for as long as I have worked with people. The teachings of the medicine wheel are incorporated into all of my workshops and presentations. Using Indigenous traditional knowledge provides a unique and new perspective to better understand the world around us.

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