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30/30 Community Engagement Challenge

We are encouraging 30 Southern-Interior communities to proclaim the week of March 20-26 as Gambling Awareness Week, to start meaningful conversations about how gaming and gambling are involved with our day-to-day lives.

Gambling and gaming are more prevalent in our lives than it has been before, with easy access to online games, casino apps, and other forms of gambling through video games directed at younger audiences.

Gambling Awareness Week 2022 is supported by Gambling Support BC, a provincially funded program that provides free education, free presentations, and free counselling to communities across the province. We are a gaming and gambling neutral program, providing support and community engagement to fit the needs of diverse communities and people.

We are encouraging Southern Interior communities in BC to proclaim and help advocate for gambling awareness in our communities by utilizing some of the resources and free services we offer, including but not limited to:

  • digital or print resources

  • links to educational websites

  • social media graphics

  • free virtual or in-person presentations

  • free swag!

Please take the info-graphic poster below to share with community organizations or colleagues to get ahold of me:

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